Jan 02 2018

... "I"

Watch this powerful video and beautiful speech about the selfishness of "I".

"I", "I", "I", "I", "I", "I" - we hear it all the time. It is born from expectations.

"Be realistic in your EXPECTATIONS to avoid this word"

"Learn to begin your journey from "I"... Continue Reading

Dec 04 2017

Have you seen our Lights video?

Shared here by our partner - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjjyZhTI7XI&sns=em

... Continue Reading
Oct 06 2016

More fantastic news! We have won at AdStars placing top 5 in over 10 categories! AdStars is the premier awarding body in the republic of Korea which attracts over 10,000 entries each year. The campaign did amazingly well, beating out some of the world’s best agencies to secure the wins. The... Continue Reading

Jul 14 2015

ADOT.COM is happy to announce that ‘Homeless – Lights’ got to the finalist spot in no less than 5 categories at the prestigious Cannes Lions festival! Cannes Lions is the world's biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry drawing in entries... Continue Reading

Jun 23 2015

ADOT.COM is delighted to announce that the viral short film ‘Homeless - Lights’ created in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather Japan has won Design & Art Direction Awards within the categories of Crafts for Advertising / Photography for Advertising, Direct Response/Press & Poster and... Continue Reading

Dec 10 2014

To raise awareness of the 93,000 homeless people all over the UK, ADOT.COM has launched a social campaign, highlighting the fact that homelessness is all around us but that no one seems to see it. The campaign aims to raise money for two different charities, the Amy Winehouse Foundation and New... Continue Reading

Nov 27 2014

The competition itself was an overwhelming success with all schools that were chosen producing some fantastic and truly inspiring artwork. The aim of the competition was to encourage children to think about peace in an artistic way and to express their hopes and dreams of a world of peace on... Continue Reading

Nov 04 2014
ADOT.COM was delighted to support Jbox and their launch party – a fantastic night of music and fun with an attendance of over 400 people! The night went off with a bang with amazing DJ sets and a fabulous compare was found in Paul Danan. There was a real buzz in the air at DSTRKT London on the... Continue Reading
Jul 10 2014

Director of Kidon, Emmanuel Naccache, was thrilled to see his movie snatch the title of ‘Best Film’ during the ‘Audience Choice Award’ at this year’s SERET film festival.

Naccache and his troops brought some comedy-thriller realness to the table with this French/Israeli co-production,... Continue Reading


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